FinTech Scotland has published a ground-breaking Research and Innovation (R&I) Roadmap with the objective of boosting economic recovery, driving growth and creating jobs over the next ten years.

Over the ten-year period, the ambition will be to deliver in Scotland an additional 20,000 plus fintech related jobs as well as produce an increase in economic gross value add (GVA) through fintech innovation from £0.5bn GVA today to £2.1bn GVA by 2031.

The industry led Fintech R&I Roadmap, the first of its kind in the UK, has been pulled together by the cluster body FinTech Scotland in collaboration with fintech entrepreneurs, the financial services sector, academia, regulators, Government bodies and consumer groups.

The cross industry led collaboration has resulted in four key strategic innovation themes which provide the foundation for the Roadmap, these are open finance data, climate finance, financial regulation and payments and transactions.

The Roadmap is published on the anniversary of the HM Treasury commissioned Review of Fintech led by Ron Kalifa OBE which set out a number of recommendations, including the opportunity for research and innovation to accelerate the development of cluster excellence.

Read more about the report on this LINK.