“Our main objective when we start with a client is to bring them the best innovative solutions worldwide. For us, The Talent Route is a fundamental hub to connect with the best talented startups, but also our main network to update our trends map and to share challenges with companies and government all around the world”.


Co-founder The Talent Route & CEO of Innsomnia
"The Talent Route is the most ambitious European initiative in the fintech field. The main fintech hubs in Europe have decided to work together in order to grow the EU fintech ecosystem but also to support the local startups to launch their business all over the European Union. We are developing the financial industry of tomorrow, together".


Co-founder The Talent Route & Deputy CEO of The LHoFT
“Fintech is all about Global Connections and at Copenhagen Fintech we are proud and honored to join forces with so many strong and talented fintech Friends and ecosystems across Europe”.


Chief Innovation Officer at Copenhagen FinTech
"Global collaboration is very important to us. The Talent Route is a great community to be part of and also a very good way to be connected with all the other hubs in Europe and in Latin America. We've really enjoyed collaborating with them and welcoming their team to Scotland for our Fintech Festival last year".


Marketing Director at FinTech Scotland
"Fintech District, the gateway to the Italian fintech ecosystem, decided to join The Talent Route with the goal of bringing new international opportunities and benefits to the Italian fintech startups community and growing an ecosystem of collaborations across Europe".


CEO of Fintech District
Startup Palace is part of The Talent Route because we strongly believe it is the best network to connect our startups. By removing barriers thanks to an expansive and strong network, The Talent Route is the best conduit to help startups grow across different countries in Europe. It's the network that will help each startup grow and will build the next FinTech/Insurtech unicorn.


CEO Startup Palace - Program Director French AssurTech
The European fintech scene has tremendous potential. Really interesting companies are born here and their odds to become global players are much bigger if EU is really a single market. The Talent Route is a pragmatic and real answer, brought life from listening to the real actors in the scene: the fintechs.


Co-Founder of Portugal Fintech


In an increasingly global and interconnected world, in an ever more collaborative and interrelated economy, development is fundamentally based on the ability of actors to attract talent.

The number of startups is growing at a vertiginous pace worldwide, and there are always large corporations looking for solutions, technologies, and products that help them maintain leadership in their sectors.

Along with this outburst of talent worldwide, the number of accelerators and incubators has grown, as well as that of venture builders that provide their support services so that startup projects are consolidated and expand.

Therefore it is important to create a Talent Network among accelerators (Talent Route), where accelerators can get benefits, such as finding the best global startups within the network and improving the quality of their calls to serve their customers. At the same time, startups may have the opportunity to pursue a dream and get support to promote their growth through the internationalization of their value proposition, saving as many costs and as much time as possible.


  • Enhancement of collaboration actions and cooperation between parties
  • Promotion of the entrepreneur ecosystem around the world and Europe
  • Development of collaboration activities
  • Encouragement of the internationalization of start-ups
  • Cooperate in the internationalization of the startups ecosystems of the different country members of The Talent Route.
  • Seek to mobilize collaboration activities and the proper functioning of the network.
  • Cooperate in the promotion of international calls made for a specific vertical, by one or both partners, they can exchange recommendations and information of the startups that may be most interesting for the vertical determined by each.



Member of talent route shall freely collaborate and help each other with the objective of a friendly and collaborative innovation ecosystem.

One of the primary objectives of the companies is to provide good support and open business innovation, improving their services and processes together with their customers.



  • ICEX España · From Spain
  • Emprende UP. From Peru. Lima
  • Fintech Aviv. From Israel. Tel Aviv.
  • Start-up Nation Central. From Israel. Tel Aviv.
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